Monday, May 31, 2010

Soggy Memorial Day

Thanks to all those brave men and women out there serving our country now and thanks to all that have served in the past. We owe you so much.

Memorial Day weekend is almost over. Our weather made it rather difficult for outdoor activities but we did manage to play golf with some friends yesterday. Not exactly brilliantly sunny but we finished before getting drenced. The outdoor barbeque we had planned for after our golf round turned into an indoor feast. Oh well, it wasn't too bad and Norm managed to nearly finish the small deck in the front of our house today even with the wind and rain pouring down on him. He is such a focused man at times.... I feel bad that he had three days off and it rained all three days. Poor guy.

I also got a bunch of beads made and I'm making quite a bit of progress on that summer show inventory. The photo above shows some bracelets in various stages of completion. Just waiting on components.

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Sara said...

Las pulseras estan muy lindas, y a levantar el ánimo. Feliz semana.