Saturday, May 8, 2010

Acid Trip

Multi strands of African trade beads otherwise called "Christmas" beads. I love the colors and they look right at home with my colorful lampwork beads. I've chosen this set to wear tomorrow at Seagrass Gallery for the Mother's Day Studio Tour. Black top, white jacket and denim dress slacks. It is important to me that I wear jewelry pieces that really express my artistic style and this set definately does...... Screams Hippkitty Beads!!!! 


dogmom said...

Have fun at the gallery tomorrow and I LOVE the 2 jewelry pieces you are going to wear; they definitely do shout 'HippKitty'!!
Happy Mother's Day!!


Fantas├Ča said...

Beautiful!I am Italian and I don't speak Inglish!Please, can I buy From You your strads?
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Cris* said...

Awesome!! Love it!

joven said...

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k_brodowich said...

love these!!

Anonymous said...

love your stuff!

malene said...

you really make beautiful and lovely jewelry. Theese made me happy today. Thank you i needed it.

Dorith said...

I love it!!! Like I also love you blog. I have given you a Happy 101 award for it!(more info on my blog) Your work makes me happy, keep on going! :)
Grtz Dorith

Grace said...

Hey, those beaded bracelets were amazing!! If you check out my Blog, you will see a blank 'Follower' and a brunette 'Follower' on my 'Followers' list. The brunette does amazing art like yours. Please Follow! Thanks, if you do.
Grace B.
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Grace B.

Anonymous said...

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