Friday, April 24, 2009

Camano Island Studio Tour

There's my bracelet, on page 10. How exciting to see my work in print! I can't exactly say I'm published yet, but close... ("Scenes From A Mall" bracelet, pictured here in the brochure, as well as lots of other work, is available at Seagrass Gallery. #34 on the tour brochure map.)
If you live in the area, (northwest Washington), or planning a visit, the Camano Island Studio Tour is an event you don't want to miss. A free, self-guided tour. This is your chance to see where the fabulous art of Camano Island, (and Stanwood), is actually created and meet the artists in person. Some will actually be creating their art! You will also find art for sale that's not offered anywhere else. This tour is a 3-day event, May 8, 9, and 10, Mother's Day weekend, and you will need all 3 days if you want to visit each and every studio.


The end of another busy week. I've been at the torch every day this and I've made lots of beads but I still don't have much to add to my Etsy store. I'm finding it very hard to keep the store stocked and I know some my customers get frustrated waiting around for updates and then finding things have sold before they even click on the link. Like I've said before, you can always order a remake from me. Just send me an email, (and as soon as I learn how to add an email link here I will. I just haven't figured it out yet. Can anyone out there 'splain this to me?).

We've had some really nice spring weather here lately and hubby and I were able to plant our vegetable garden last weekend. It's a bit early and after a cold night like last night, (it was 37 degrees when I got up this morning), I may regret it. Yesterday we had a sudden hail storm and I had to run quick to the back yard and cover my tomato plants so they wouldn't be damaged by the rather large hail stones. Well, it was 70 degrees when we planted the garden. I just didn't stop to think Mother Nature may not be totally done with winter. This is, after all. the Pacific Northwest........

The open studio event went very well and I hope to do it again some time. I had a few ladies and Doris, the owner of Seagrass Gallery, here for about 3 hours watching while I made beads and explained some of the process. People seem to be so fascinated when there's fire involved

This is a new bracelet design that I just love. It's been a challenge coming up with new ways to use my handmade cone beads. This is a bracelet that I didn't want to give up and I may make one for myself. Then after making the bracelet I decided to make a pendant to match. Earrings too, maybe??? "Spotbot" bracelet and cone pendant.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

There is lots going on in the Miller household. Hubby is installing new windows and he would've had them finished but the big box store that we ordered them from broke one in shipping. Turns out when the window was reordered they gave the wrong measurements and now it has to be ordered again. So, the project is now 3 weeks late and will be another 3 weeks waiting for the correct window to be manufactured. Oy! I really detest big box stores. Too many hands to go through. Too many chances for mistakes. No more. From now on we will support the local hardware and lumber yards which is what we should have done in the first place.

I'm having an open studio this week. Hosted by myself and Seagrass Gallery, here on Camano Island. So far we have a few ladies that are coming on Thursday to watch me make beads. It may turn into a regular thing. I'm not sure. We'll have to see how it goes. If you live in the area and you would like to come and watch you can contact Doris/Seagrass Gallery at (360)387-8300.

We spent the evening with our son and daughter-in-law and newborn Linkoln a couple days ago. I took a few photos but I'm used to photographing things that don't move so he is a little blurry. But what a sweetie! He was awake just long enough to eat and get changed of course but he had my full attention.

I had some professional photos done for a gallery project and my new friend Indy, (the photographer), was playing around with some of my jewelry and she took some awesome shots. This is a closeup of one of my floral cube beads. I love the colors! I may use this shot for new business cards. Photo by Indy Behrendt of "A Portait By Indy", Stanwood, WA

Friday, April 3, 2009

Will it ever warm up??????

Snow mixed with rain again this morning! Come on, it's April for crying out loud!!!!!!!!!!!

Linkoln, my brand new grandbaby, had to spend a couple days in ICU because of a little fever and blood tests but they are all home now, getting settled in. I will go visit in a couple days. Hopefully, I'll remember my camera.I'm so blown away by how society has progressed when it comes to having babies. Everything is done in one birthing room and there can be as many people in that room as the mother is comfortable with. There were about 6 to 8 people in the room when my grandson was being born. I was standing on the sofa next to the bed, poised to get the shot of the minute the baby was born and placed on mom's tummy. I never got that shot because Leslie had to have a C-section at the very end and she was taken to an operating room where only 2 family members were allowed and I wasn't one of them. Which is okay but I missed that photo op that I wanted so badly. And, pain control, oh-my-gosh! No pain!!!! Having a baby is hard work and certainly no picnic but I had no idea how far we've come when it comes to labor pain control. I spent the entire 30 hours my daugter-in-law was in labor in the room with her and other family members and I have to say I was not bored one second. I was facinated by the entire process.

Boy, I've spent many hours the last couple weeks working on encased floral beads. Lots and lots of color and shape experimenting. I really enjoy all that but eventually I have to produce the beads that sell to allow me to do all the experimenting in the first place. I wouldn't be able to do any of that if it wasn't for my many fantastic customers. Thanks you guys!!!!