Friday, January 8, 2010


Practicing dots. Stacked dots. Looks simple but the truth is they are not easy to do well. It's very hard to keep the dots even and neatly stacked. Its also hard to decide which colors are going to work well together. I really like how this bead turned out. It's in my Etsy store right now. I think it would make a really great pendant on a simple chain or cord. Or even ribbon. Ooo, ribbon, wouldn't that be pretty.........?

I spent a couple nights at my brothers place over on the coast. The weather wasn't the greatest but it's so peaceful and laid back there. My brother and sister-in-law have a small motel/RV park in Copalis, Washingtion. It's just a short distance to the ocean beach. While my SIL was at work yesterday my brother and I went for a drive on the beach. Yes, there are some ocean beaches in Washington State that you can actually drive a car on and my brother, who has the perfect little 4-wheel drive SUV, does this most everyday. He's big on fishing and clam digging and the whole beach thing. I'm a little jealous, actually. We had a great time and I wished I could have stayed a little longer.