Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hello Sunshine!


Aren't you glad spring is finally here? I am sooooo over winter!
I've been busy in the bead dept. this week. I've made some new pieces for Seagrass Gallery and also I'm trying to add to existing inventory for upcoming shows.
We are in the planning stages of spiffing things up out in the beer garden at Norm's Place. I don't have any photos yet of the work in progess but I hope to have soon. Our landscaper is just finishing up with some general cleanup. Planting some new lawn areas and adding some more cement blocks and such. I can't wait until it's warm enough to plant some flowers. We hope to make this area a comfy outdoor extention of our bar and grill for warm weather. Hopefully a spot that's hard to resist for folks driving by.  


Fantàsia said...

Hello Ruby!this is fantastic!!!I follow you fron Italy.

Vickie Who? said...

Thank you Kissee!

Christel said...

I'm so over winter tooo!! And I love the spring, the sun and the flowers!!

It's wonderful you have made

xoxo from Germany