Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I've been away for a few days and I was just trying to get caught up with all the Christmas hustle and bustle. With all that's been going on Christmas really snuck up on me. Gifts to wrap, cookies to make, cards to give, carols to sing, family to hug. You get the picture............
Toby and Jodie are both out of the hospital and their burns are healing nicely. They now have a home in a neighboring small town and are beginning to fill it with furniture and household items donated by friends, family, and community.
I'll say again, thanks to all for your thoughts, prayers, and donations. We have been overwhelmed with kindness and gererousity. I'm still receivng calls and emails for physical donations. We have been overwhelmed and will be sorting for months.
Please, if you still have things to donate, remember, there are others in need. Because of the news coverage in our area about the fire and also the convenience of the internet and sites like Facebook and personal blogs, we were able to reach a huge number of people that have come forward to help. Others may not be so fortunate.
Pass it on............

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