Friday, December 4, 2009

Donation Link Updates...

Hi everyone. I need to let people know that the links we have set up for donations need a little explaining because people seem to be having trouble donating.
The KOMO4 News link: ( ), looks a little intimidating and complicated but if you just will click on "Other" and type something like "Everett family fire victims" or "Wall family fire" then they will know which fund that you would like to donate to. As far as the Wells Fargo bank donations, it seems there was a mistake made when the account was set up and the correct info is not where it's supposed to be and will not be straighted out until Monday. People seem to forget a story like this rather quickly and so if you tried to donate and had a problem, please, please, please, try again. The funds are badly needed.
Both Toby and Jodie are still in the hospital and they will be there for some time. They are both improving more every day but burns take time to heal.
We are working on household type donations and a place to actually put them. All this takes time and organization. First things first. I hope what I have posted makes sense. I haven't had much sleep the last couple days.

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