Thursday, July 30, 2009

Havin' a heat wave!

This quote was taken from our local news station's website.......

"All time record heat suffocated most of western Washington on Wednesday. It was an historic day weather-wise. SeaTac hit 103 - the hottest day ever recorded since records were kept starting at the Federal Building downtown in 1891 - 118 years! Other all time records that fell were: 96 degrees in Bellingham; Vancouver 107, Olympia tied its all time record of 104. Schoolnet sites were even warmer: Winlock reported 110, and Sammamish, Redmond and Monroe all recorded highs of 107."

It's a bit cooler today, thank goodness! This is the first day I've worn makeup all week. There really was no point in seeing a middle aged woman with makeup melting down her face... We hit the pool yesterday afternoon and it was a life saver. Another saving grace is AC in the bedroom. Wish we had it all through the house but we would only need it a few days a year. Most people around here don't have it at all. And if it was your plan to purchase an AC unit after the heat wave hit....forget it!

I did manage to get a few beads made this week. They are in my Etsy store, (unless they've been sold).