Friday, August 7, 2009

The thing about creativity......

There are some days when I sit down at my torch and I simply have no idea what to make. I had intended to make a large, colorful set yesterday, with a few different focal beads that I could perhaps, offer for auction on Ebay. Maybe something similar but not exactly like a couple of sets I've made in the past. I chose the glass colors and set the rods on the rack in front of me. I always work from a photo. Usually a photo of my own beads or maybe a swatch of fabric or something from a magazine. I just sat there.... nothing would come. When I finally managed to apply some glass to the mandrel I wasn't happy with the way it looked so I would put the bead in the water bucket with the rest of the mistakes and not-so-great test beads. I did this several times before giving up. I returned to my office and sat at my jewelry station and stared at all the different plastic bins, jars, drawers, bowls, and trays of beads and components, looking for my muse. This is usually where I find her and yesterday was no exception. I have a tray, it's actually a frozen dinner tray, full of lampwork beads that I didn't have a use for at the time I made them. Maybe I made more than I needed or the color didn't go with what I was making or the bead was the wrong size. Lots and lots of different shapes, sizes, and styles all bunched up together. Well, I started playing around with different combinations. Trying this and that, and finally found some beads and components that I was pleased with. So then, I was able to make a list of beads to create for this project and when I went back out to the studio, in a short time, I had whipped all the beads I needed in the kiln.

Creativity can be a fleeting thing at times. At least it is for me. Sort of like writer's block, I guess. It always returns...thankfully.
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