Friday, July 10, 2009

Bead Mojo....

"Circus Act" earrings

I've spent a few days away from beadmaking and it's always a challenge getting that forward momentum back. It's even more of a challenge for me when the weather is not so great. After a glorious 4th of July weekend with lots of sun and just-right temperatures we have had clouds and a little rain this week. I couldn't seem to get anything accomplished. Thankfully the sun returned yesterday afternoon and I suddenly had energy again. Today is beautiful and I will be busy painting. Beads for this week were almost a total loss but I did get some earrings made for a special gallery order and I have an idea for a sweet bracelet design.

"Art By The Bay" starts today here on the island. If you are close and would like to check out this free event go here for details. I'll be going with a friend tomorrow. This is a show I used to participate in but the unpredictable weather made it a little too costly for me. Two years ago, which was the last show I participated in, a wind storm came during the night and destroyed my tent and most of my jewelry displays. I take my merchandise home with me at night so thankfully I didn't lose any jewelry. This year the weather is supposed to be great and I'm so happy for the artist's that are participating because it will bring loads of people.

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dogmom said...

I love the earrings:o))