Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mrs. Wiffington

I've been itching to try sculpting a folk art doll since I purchased a tutorial from Nancye Williams a couple weeks ago. Nancye is a gift designer, (among other very artistic things), whose blog I follow regularly. Nancy is offering her doll making booklet here and she is now in the process of setting up a Ning social network for an online doll making class.
So after creating "Mrs. Wiffington", (on Ebay now), I can't wait to try another doll. Soon, I hope....
I had my bookkeeper here today to help me get the last of the tax preperation done so hopefully by next week I'll have that all buttoned up and I'll have more time for the stuff I enjoy. I really HATE paperwork! It's been so hard to concentrate on making beads when I've had all this uninteresting bookkeeping stuff to do. I was pretty new to the business side of things this year so I did'nt really have a concrete record keeping system. I limped through and got lots of help from my bookkeeper, (thanks Cindy!), but now I know exactly what to keep track of and how to do it. It will be so much easier next year.
My birthday is this weekend so hubby is taking me out to dinner and to see "Gran Torino". I love Clint Eastwood and I hear it's a pretty good movie. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!

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