Saturday, January 10, 2009

Record breaking flooding too close to home.....

Here is a photo from the front page of our local newspaper and is a shot of Stanwood, the little farming community that I have to pass through to get to my home on Camano Island. The water to the left of the photo is floodwaters covering farmland,(there are farmhouses out there also). The land that forms the horizon at the top of the photo is Camano Island and the highway that runs the length of the photo is the only way to the island other than personal watercraft. Meaning there is no ferry. Drive on and off. We came really close to being totally isolated a few days ago and the little downtown area of Stanwood came really close to being underwater. Hundreds of volunteers filled sandbags to insure the water didn't breach the banks. The rain and snow melt stopped long enough for the water to recede somewhat so the town and the highway are safe for now. The flooding is the highest it's ever been in recorded history! Too close for comfort. Thousands of families in other areas of Washington were not so lucky and many have lost everything to flood waters. If you would like to help out with a donation just go to American Red Cross.

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