Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Labor Day has come and gone.....

I'm sad that there is only a couple weeks left of summer. Norm and I have squeezed in all the golf we possibly can and haven't wasted a minute of the sunshine because we know, all too soon, we will be back to the ever present rain and dark days. We've spent good times with friends and family too and now the grandkids are back in school and we will all settle in to our regular routines.
I've made quite a few new beads and I'm editing my existing jewelry inventory. I will soon be on a quest to find new gallery representation. Sadly, Seagrass Art Gallery, so near to my home, lost their lease and they are no longer in business. A familiar story all over this country but our little rural area, here on Camano Island, has been hard hit businesswise. My husband and I even struggle to stay afloat in our other restaurant/bar business, in a larger metropolitan area. I hope this ecomomy gets better some day soon.


la mar de bonita said...

Oh, how wonderful bracelets, Vicky!
The first one in my favourite colors - love it!!
Greetings, Michi

Mone said...

Huhu Vicky,
your beads are nice ace ever.
Good luck for your restaurant.
xoxo Mone