Monday, September 24, 2012

Busy as a BEE!!!


I just learned that Seagrass Gallery, the art gallery near my home that closed a few months ago will reopen in another facility just down the road. The gallery will reopen at the end of October at Terry's Corner. The owner of Seagrass, Doris Platis, has told me the gallery will be open intermittently for 2 months at a time/ 4 times a year. The reopening will be at the end of October through Christmas 2012 and close until February 2013 when it will reopen for a couple months. Interesting concept. And actually, the "new" location is really Doris's "original" location when she first opened her gallery several years ago and it was then called "Gallery In The Loft". I'm really excited to again have local representation for my work and I am busy working on a brand new inventory for Seagrass gallery's reopening. Yikes, not much time!

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