Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Follow Me on Pinterest

Want me to make you a pair of matching flip flop beads?

Pinterest is quickly becoming an addiction for me and I enjoy it wayyyy more than Facebook. Right-brained folks like me seem to have a need for constant visual stimulation. My creativity seems to dry up if I'm not constantly feeding this need.
For years I had a very expensive addiction to magazines. Home decor magazines, fashion, art, how-to. The list of category interests goes on and on and much to my husband's delight, thanks to the internet and sites like Pinterest, I no longer have the need to store or spend money on those overpriced magazines.
I've been using Pinterest for a few months now but never really took the time to learn how to use the site to it's best advantage until today. First, I went to their "About" page and learned as much about the site as I could and how to use it and then awhile back I repinned a pin on a very informative blog post from "Blogging With Amy" on "The Ultimate List of Pinterest Tips". Lots of useful info here.

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