Thursday, February 23, 2012

one more time.....

Seems like all I ever talk about is the weather. And that's because around here it always seems to be the topic of conversation.

 Norm and I are supposed to play golf in a tournement on Saturday. The fees have already been paid and of course they are not refundable. The weather forcast for Saturday is high winds, rain, and possible SNOW. Uhggggg! Not me, nooooooooo no no. I will be home in my nice warm house sittin by the fire.

Our weather in western Washington last 10 days or so has been really wet and very windy. So wet and windy in fact that a 70 foot tree from my friends front yard fell onto her house yesterday. She was home at the time and actually saw it start to fall and ran outside just in time. She is safe and her home is livable but there was quite a bit of damage to the structure.

Just a few more weeks to wait until spring gets here. I can't wait! 

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