Monday, October 10, 2011

Without wheels :-(

I'm waiting for a chain for this gorgeous pendant. The encased floral bead is a rectangular cube shape and took several hours to create.

Hmmm, let's see.....what's new and exciting? Only 20 more days until our 1 year anniversary of opening Norm's Place. We are planning on a weekend long Halloween/Annniversary bash at the bar. Great food and drink specials, live music as well as Karaoke, and a costumn party on the 31st! It's gonna be a blast but I have soooo much to do to get prepared. And wouldn't you know my poor 13 year old car is in a very bad way and I think it needs way more help than I am willing to pay for. Perhaps  it's time for a new/ or,  new-to-me car. In the meantime I have to work my schedule around Norm's so I can use his truck for my errands.
I have owned exactly 2 cars in the last 26 years. Yes, I've been very lucky and haven't had the problems with cars that lots of people do. I've been thinking about the type of car I would buy if I chose a new car and I'm thinking about this.........

I've been doing some research online to find the pros and cons, (which there are in every car I'm sure). I'm liking what I've discovered so far. The Kia Soul is a less expensive car so I know I will be giving up some things I've been used to. I am willing to concede on things like a NON luxury interior and a little more road noise than my old car. But I think the Soul is really cute and fits my personality.
I may decide to buy a "previouly owned" car. In that case who knows what I may end up with. All I know is I sure hope I have a different car in my garage next week at this time because I don't like being without one.

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Cindy said...

that is exactly the car I have. Same color and everything.