Sunday, October 23, 2011


Seems that life has taken the upper hand with me lately. Since my last post so much has happened and although it was only a few days ago it seems like months.12 days ago I ended up in
the emergency room with a severe gall bladder attack. Since this was the second attack since June and my attempts at trying to control the pain with diet weren't working, it was decided I
would be admitted for emergency surgery to remove said gall bladder.
This was the very first surgery I've ever experienced. No joke. I never even had my tonsils removed as a kid or had a broken bone. I'm soon to be 58 years old and pretty healthy overall. It's
a good thing because what I thought was going to be a piece of cake,  this surgery.... has kicked my butt. I'm slowly coming around to feeling human again but it's a process. I thought it was
pretty cool on the first day home from the hospital to have an excuse to lay in bed and watch movies all day, because that's not something I would ever do, but the first few days that 
followed left me feeling so sick I could think of little else but sleep. I started feeling normal again after about the sixth day and today I'm feeling pretty good. Tired today because I spent
yesterday cleaning house and vacuuming and moping is probably something I should have saved till I was a little further along in the healing process. Oh well, it's done now and I can
hopefully get back to making beads tomorrow.

Remember my broken car? Well, now that the medical bills for surgery will start piling up we aren't really in a position to buy a new car. So, my old car was repaired and for now she runs
like new.

Stay tuned for new items from me as I start getting geared up for the holidays............


Glaszwerg said...

Get well soon and make slowly!!!! Hugs Doris

Jane Perala said...

Hope you are feeling better. Surgery does take some time to get over.
Love the earrings!