Monday, June 20, 2011

Soccer Ball Mishap

Linky waiting for the doctor to on the cast.

At home on the sofa surrounded by toys. Lots of art on the cast already...

 My sweet little 2 year old grandson Linkoln (pictured below with the puppy) broke his leg on Friday while trying to kick a soccer ball. Yep, he took a tumble and his little leg got twisted somehow. Poor guy! This happened while Linkoln was at a family outing with his parents. Would you believe there just happened to be a cousin there that is a paramedic and another cousin in attendance that is an emergency room nurse. So the break was assessed quickly and by late afternoon he was on his way to Children's Hospital in Seattle, by ambulance, where a cast put on and he spent the night. Thank goodness, even though it was a bad break it didn't require surgery. As you can see the cast goes from his ankle to his chest. It will be a challenge keeping an immobile 2 year old happy and entertained for the next couple weeks till he can get a walking cast.  

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aurin said...

Omg, poor boy. Hope he will get better soon. I wish you a lot of ideas to keep him busy and happy :-)