Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Golf anyone?

Our friend Rick, left, me, and Norm on the right.

We recently took a few days off and spent some time at a familiar golf resort in eastern Washington with a group of our closest friends. When I say golf resort it sounds sort of uppity but Alta Lake Golf Resort is a pretty laid back place. My husband and I, along with a pretty large group of our friends, started an annual golf tournement there over 20 years ago. Except for the obvious aging, this group of friends has changed very little over the years and we all still get along like family. It's such a relaxing experience and we always come back refreshed and happy. We played 72 holes of golf in 4 days so we got plenty of excersize. The weather could have been a bit better, only one day of sun, but I've decided not to complain about it and I'm already looking forward to next year....

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