Monday, November 22, 2010

Early snow for Thanksgiving week.

It's a little early and though I'm not ready for snow, it is rather pretty. I was just waiting for Mr. Furnace Repairman to show up. Hmmm. What a time for the furnace to be on the fritz... We won't freeze. We're all cozy with a fire in the woodstove. 
Sitting here thinking about the holidays ahead. Thanksgiving in just a couple days. My son and daughter-in-law are hosting this years feast. I miss having everyone at my house but I don't miss all the work of preparing a huge meal and the cleanup after.
I've started working on Christmas decorations and I'm thinking of some holiday themed beads and jewelry maybe. Busy times ahead. Norm is very busy with the bar and I don't see him much during the week. I expect a rush at Norm's Place with it being a short work week and all. Especially Black Friday.


artepura said...

The Rainbow braclet is beautiful:-)

With regards from Switzerland


Sara said...

Que preciosidad, me encanta tu trabajo. Besos.

Coisas de Mulher said...

Amazing work!