Monday, November 8, 2010


I spent the whole day at the torch making beads today. I hope to get some new things made for the old Etsy shop this week. It's nice being home again every day and having the time to devote to my business and no longer feeling obligated to spend every waking hour at NORM'S PLACE. We now have an entire staff working to help Norm with the bar so my time is pretty much my own again.

I've also been working on a new type of jewelry, (new for me anyway). Very delicate strands of braided cord with gemstones or pearls. I then add small sterling charms, gemstone drops, and other interesting things. The necklace above was woven with tiny turquoise gemstone seed beads and roundells. I used some Hilltribe silver charms, a faceted oval aquamarine and one of my lampwork beads.


Richard said...

Interesting fact silver made in Thailand is only made in villages outside of the main cities by Hilltribe families. Most patterns have been in there family for many years and can only be made by large order. There are no stores or one central place to purchase Hilltribe silver in variety other than from the large wholesale shops in the city. Mondays and Fridays are the days families will bring their goods to the main shops for sale and to pick up new orders. A trip to a silver village is a real eye opener to see how families work together to make beautiful silver pieces of art. All Handmade.

Sara said...

Es muy bonito, una interesante mezcla de materiales, besos.

Marnie said...

Just gorgeous!