Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Luau and Pig Roast

It doesn't look very appetizing in the photo but it was very tasty!

Last Sunday was my daughter and son in laws annual luau and I remembered to take some photos of their "authentic" Hawiian pig roast.
I wasn't there when the whole process was started, (early in the morning), but this is what I saw when it was finished. I was told it takes 6 hours for the size of pig they used.
A length of chicken wire, mayber 4 or 5', was lined with a bed of greens, (looks like lettuce but there may have been some other things added, like herbs). This I assume is to keep the meat moist. The pig was then set upon the layer of greens and covered with more greens. Now, the chicken wire acts as sort of a sling, which can then be lowered into the hole in the ground. The hot lava rocks are arranged around and on top of the pig and then many layers of burlap are spread on top of the pig, creating a sort of oven. 6 hours later, the pig was removed from the ground by grabbing the corners of the chicken wire and then set atop a makeshift table to remove the succulent and moist meat from the bone, where it was then placed on a large platter for everyone to enjoy. And enjoy we did! It was tender, juicy, moist, and very flavorful.
My daughter and SIL live on a rural 5 acre, farm-like spread, so there was lots of room for people to spread out and enjoy the yard and gardens and even the small menagerie of farm animals. An unused pasture served as a parking lot for all the cars and this is also where the hole was dug to roast the pig.
There were many, many guests to enjoy all the great food and conversation that day and the weather was sunny and warm. Close to 100 people of all ages attended and everyone brought food to share which was set on prepared tables on the deck and on awning covered tables in the yard. We all left very full, content, and happy.

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