Friday, April 9, 2010

Baby, it's COLD outside!!!

I've been working on my table display for upcoming shows this week in addition to some new jewelry pieces. As you can see by the photos above my table will be very COLORFUL! Color draws attention and I intend to get some attention. I have lots of bright, colorful ribbon to tie here and there and maybe I'll have a new banner made.
The little cupcakes above are made from Sculpy polymer clay. They were baked and then painted, (yes, by me ;-), with acrylics. It is my intention to make a bunch but they're pretty time consuming so I don't know how many I'll have time for. I found a tutorial for these on Maria Grime's blog. Maria is a fellow beadmaker. A very talented lady to say the least!

I have to tell you, I am so tired of the wind. It has blown like crazy all week. Finally have a bit of calm today. Just a slight breeze along with the SUNSHINE!!! Even though the temperature is barely 45 degrees. It was 39 degrees when I went for my early morning walk. Wow! It was much warmer here in January......

Hubby and I are headed down to Seattle tomorrow to spend the day. Seattle Center and Pikes Place Market. My sweetie is actually giving up a day of golf with his buddies to spend with me. I feel honored..............(insert roll;eyes icon here.) He really is a pretty good guy...:-)