Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Treasures From France

These are the treasures that my friend Diana brought back from France. Thank you so much! How exciting! Lavender and herb mixtures, in beautiful fabric bags, from Provence, French milled soap, raspberry jam , a colorful ceramic jar and best of all...Holy water from Lourdes in a pretty little bottle. SCORE!!!!

So we're one less dog and now my skinny kitty can come back home without fear of being chased by a bored greyhound.

We'll miss you Honey....


Vicki said...

Hey you!
I am so happy you are up and posting. I love your new "spot"! It makes me wat to get busy and start posting again.
You are truly blessed to receive such wonderful treats from your friend!
Beautiful pics, Vickie!

Vickie Miller said...

Thanks Vic! Yep, you better get busy. I haven't seen anything new since the artist's tour.