Friday, February 1, 2013


"Cupid's Candy" bead set in my Etsy shop today!

 "My Lucky Stars" multi-strand bracelet

My first Ebay auction in 3 years, "Cupid's Candy", that I first talked about and showed photos of a couple weeks ago, was a disaster! So much for Ebay for now....:-(  I did get a bid. I was so afraid I wouldn't. YAY for me!!!, But, I only had one bidder and that bidder was a NON-PAYING BIDDER!!! Can you believe that? Why do people do that? (to you Beadmakers out there, I'm not going to out the person here but if you are concerned you can go to my ebay, "HIPPKITTYBEADS", and check who the bidder was in case you want to block her.) Sooooo, I'm offering the set in my Etsy shop for the same price as the Ebay starting bid price, which is a super value! As I state in the Etsy listing, if you were to order these beads separately the price would be more than twice what I'm asking here. This is a one-of-a-kind offer though so no future custom orders for this set at this price.
Enjoy your weekend, I will!!!

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Doris Stumpf said...

What a shame!!! Thats really not fair! Your beads are great! I hope, you didn't sent out the beads? (you didnt write about it?) Hugs, Doris