Sunday, April 22, 2012


You know the saying "possession is 9/10th of the law"? Well, it is my MY garage....and, I Do have the keys.....  Haha, I just wish MY name was on the title!
Some very dear friends of ours sold their home in a nearby town and purchased a house a couple doors down from us. The closings on these two homes are a few days apart leaving my friends homeless until Tuesday. So, meanwhile, our gargage is where their overflow is parked for the time being and our friends are parked at a local Holiday Inn, cooling their jets so-to-speak, until we can all get them moved in next week or so.

"My Cheyenne" necklace new in my Etsy shop.

Meanwhile I have been getting ready for the "14th Annual Mother's Day Studio Tour". (Official announcement soon but here is a link: In about 3 weeks Camano Island will be crawling with tourists whose goal it will be to visit as many local artist's studios as they can and they can do this over two weekends. May 11-13 and May 19-20. So come and visit us and if you would like to see my work in person during the tour, (or anytime) you can do so at Seagrass Gallery here on beautiful Camano Island in Washington. I will be at the gallery on May 20 so come say "hi".

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