Monday, July 25, 2011

NOT havin' a heat wave.....

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July is almost over and while a large part of the country is suffering a heatwave, we here in the Pacific Northwest are still wondering if spring will be over and summer will ever begin! Hmmmmm. Clouds and rain again today!
We did manage to find the sun this past weekend, in the eastern part of the state. The weather was glorious and after spending a few days relaxing with friends we found, upon returning home, the sun was shining here too. We didn't waste a second of it!
My grandson Linkoln hopefully gets his cast removed tomorrow. It's been nearly two months since he broke his femur kicking a soccer ball. The reeking, (as you can imagine), cast, is now kept in place by ace bandages and cloth tape. Two weeks ago his doctor temporarily removed the cast because Linkoln had developed a painful rash and he decided to leave the cast in pieces so his parents could remove it, allowing them to clean the wound a couple times a day. It's been a process for mom and dad everytime this needs to be done, as it takes two people to accomplish this task.
Linkoln has developed a very strong bond with his cast. He screams when it is removed. Not because of pain but because for a two year old, I'm sure this thing that's been on his leg for two months feels like part of his body.
Linkoln will also have to have phsical therapy for quite some time. Although he had been walking on his own for several months before the break, two-year-olds don't retain the memory of being able to walk. In other words when the cast comes off he won't know how to walk. The leg that was broken will also be slightly shorter and he will need to be taught how to walk without a limp for the rest of his life. Interesting don't you think?
At any rate mom and dad will be overjoyed when the cast comes off!

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Nice to read, others are searching the summer temperatures too ;-) Have a nice day! Greetings, Doris