Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Say NO to Snow!

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Winter is still holding on. Everett, the city where Norm's Place, (our bar and grill), is located had a couple inches of snow this morning and the weatherman says more tomorrow. Just say "NO" to snow I say!
Snow... after a beautiful weekend of sunshine. Yep, Saturday and Sunday we were able to go outside and work in the yard. It was blissful and I'm so happy to be caught up with some of those outdoor chores leftover from the fall. We still had sad looking cornstalks in the vegetable garden and rotting geraniums in the flower pots. Our fall of 2010 was spent working on getting the bar ready to open, so there wasn't any time for yard tidying back when it should have been done. We are almost ready to plant when spring finally shows up.

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