Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Back in business....

Well, I did end up having to buy another oxygen concentrator. It wasn't quite as costly as I first thought although plenty expensive for a reconditioned machine. I thought about buying a new machine rather than having to mess with another reconditioned model and dealing with the sometimes "fly-by-night" vendors that sell them, but I found out you have to have a doctor's perscription! Hmmmm.

You see the problem is, it's impossible to find someone local to do maintainance on an oxycon that's used for "non-medical" purposes. In order to have my machine worked on I would have to pay shipping both ways, (from $50-$80 one way), and then whatever is charged for repair. It's also very common to incur shipping damage because we all know how "careful" the shipping companies are the way they throw things around. I wish I knew someone who would be willing to learn how to maintain this equipment because I have a feeling they could stay pretty busy with all the beadmakers in my area. So let's just hope this machine lasts as long as the last one did.
Here are the first beads made with the newer oxygen concentrator. No name yet as I haven't decided what to make with them, if anything. Just happy to be making beads again.


moonlitfantaseas said...

glad you are back in business!

Anonymous said...

. . . looks good, i like this color-combination ;))

Mone said...

So nice :-) Beautyful, i like it :)
LG Mone