Saturday, September 25, 2010

Where have I been?

I know I've been pretty scarce lately and I apologize for that. You see my husband and I have started a new business venture. Yes, instead of going into retirement, which Norm just wasn't ready to do after losing his job in this miserable economy, we decided to buy the little neighborhood bar that he has dreamed about since owning one back in the eighties.
No I'm not giving up beadmaking. Norm will run the bar himself with little help from me eventually but getting it ready for the public is taking all the resources we have at the moment. The building has suffered years of neglect and we have been slowly removing years of grime. With the loving help of friends and family we've come a long way but still have tons to do so that's where I've been most everyday the last month minus the days I've spent on the computer filling out reams of paperwork for licenses and such. Oy! So much paperwork!
I intend on announcing our opening here in the next few weeks and then I'll get back to beadmaking. After all, this isn't a blog about a bar, it's a blog about beads ;-)

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