Friday, February 19, 2010

Mission accomplished!

I did it! I found the perfect jeans and I did it on the second try. I am in love with NOT YOUR DAUGHTER'S JEANS! I ordered my regular size and although they fit it seemed they would look better a little looser and I was right. I sent the first pair back and ordered one size up from my normal size and they arrived in about 19 or 20 HOURS!!! Amazing! So here it is Friday and I started my quest on Wednesday and I have the perfect pair of jeans to wear out with my dear sweet husband tonight. I'm sure he will appreciate the fit as well as I do. I selected the "Sarah Boot" cut in blue black. They have a tummy control panel in the front and just the right amount of stretch. The length and rise are also perfect for me. I'm a little on the stubby side and I have to be careful I don't select jeans that are too long or they just makes me look stubbier. Of course I paid more for these premium jeans but I think it was worth it and I'll definately order more. And Zappos, I LOVE YOU!!!!

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Anthony Hall said...

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