Friday, May 15, 2009

Special Etsy Sale and Window Saga

I need to make room for new stuff at my local art gallery where I show my work so I've put some older pieces from 2008 in my Etsy store at 60 % OFF. You don't want to miss this sale!

A few weeks ago...actually several weeks ago, I posted about our living room window replacement project and the fact that it had been delayed because the home improvement center, (which shall not be named but it isn't Lowes.), that we ordered these custom windows from, broke one in shipment and it had to be reordered. Which means, remade, from scratch. So grab a cup of coffee and let me tell you about the rest of the window story.....

We waited another 2 weeks for the window to be shipped to the store and when they called me and I went to pick it up it was for the WRONG side! There are a total of 8 custom sized windows on the front of our house and the top ones are trapazoid shaped. My very angry husband, sooo dissappointed because he is anxious to get this project done and move on to another, calls the store to try and get the mess straighted out and hopefully not only get the correct window expidited, (I hope I spelled that right.), but to get some answers as to what their problem is! I have to hand it to him, he was very calm for as angry as he was. He waited 3 hours for someone from the store to call him back and she never did! He then called the store back a second time. By this time it's 7 in the evening, and speaks to a window rep in the store and gets the correct, (hopefully), window ordered.

So we wait ANOTHER 2 weeks. By this time it's been about 5 weeks since we originally ordered and paid for the windows. The store calls finally, and I go pick the window up, taking the window that is the wrong side, with me. I get to the store, they give me the newly shipped window and I hold it next to the window that was a mistake, and sure enough, it is opposite of the one I'm picking up so I happily take it home with me thinking, "finally, we'll get this project wrapped up!"....... NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hubby, thinking he finally has the correct window gets his tools out again, erects the scaffolding AGAIN, and takes the old window out leaving a gaping hole in my living room. Keep in mind it was only April and not all that warm outside. He hefts the new window up to fit in the hole and..... it's an INCH TOO LONG!!!!!!!!!!! Now, my dear husband is a pretty patient man and deals with a lot of stress on a day to day basis. I have never in my 24 years of knowing him, seen him so angry! And rightfully so!

Fast forward to today.... 2 MONTHS from the original purchase date.
After calming a bit my husband talked to an understanding and very sympathic store manager who rather than lose our business, as well as other potential business, because of word of mouth, decided to give us a very large partial refund.
It's all good! The window project will hopefully be done by the end of the month and MAYBE we'll continue to shop at BRAND X.

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Brad Yoho said...

Sorry that you had to go through the hassle of that. It sounds very frustrating.

For future reference there is a complimentary e-book on replacement windows that will hopefully alleviate some of the problems you had previously.